Qualified Opportunity Zone
Structuring and Investment Module
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  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Introduction Training
  • QOZ Industry Overview – Marketing to Private Equity, High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, and Institutional Capital
  • General Structural Overview and Considerations
  • Investor Type Identification
  • Location Identification
  • Webinar and Structuring Q&A
  • In-Person Conference and Best Practices Session
  • Industry, QOF, or Investor Introductions as appropriate
  • Develop Qualified Opportunity Fund and Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Organizational Structure
  • Economic Return Analysis with Several QOF Strategies
  • Develop QOZB Business Plan for Term Sheet/PPM
  • Evaluate QOZB Sleeve and Issuance of Investor Interest
  • Evaluate Entity Structure
  • Phasing in QOF Investors and Non-QOF Investors
  • Tangible Property Test
  • Gross Income Test – Safe Harbor Evaluation
  • Non-qualified Financial Property Planning
  • Develop 31-Month Working Capital Safe Harbor Plan
  • Intangible Property Test Evaluation
  • Growth Scenario Planning
  • Prepare QOF/QOZB Organizational Chart
  • Prepare Business Portions and QOZ/QOZB Descriptions for Business Term Sheets
  • Initial PPM Evaluation
  • Initial LPA/LLCA Evaluation
  • Initial Subscription Agreement
  • Evaluation
  • Review Business Qualification with company’s tax and corporate counsel and CPAs
  • Review method of admitting QOF investors for qualification
  • Review strategies for unwind of QOF interests
  • Review interim liquidity events for potential QOF treatment